‘The Frankie Miller Songwriter of the year’ two times nominated

Kenny ‘Live at The Alhambra Theatre’ Photo Caroline Herbert

KENNY HERBERT was again proud to be nominated for the Frankie Miller ‘Scottish Songwriter of the Year’ Award at The SCOTTISH NEW MUSIC INDUSTRY AWARDS  in Glasgow for writing and performing the song‘Calumet City Blues’

Available to download on Spotify and i-Tunes https://music.apple.com/gb/album/calumet-city-blues-single/1033589251

See thePromo VIDEO of thefilm theme song‘CALUMET CITY BLUES’ written and performed by Kenny Herbert on ‘YOU TUBE’ at


KENNY HERBERT is an Edinburgh Songwriter/Musician who has been working on the music scene for many years having been inspired throughout his life by the music of The Beatles, Paul McCartney, Stephen Bishop, James Taylor, Don McLean and Gallagher & Lyle. Over the years he has written and recorded a catalogue of original songs in various styles. Along with his solo writing Kenny has co-written with various writers including his good friend ‘Pilots’ David Paton who produced and played on a number of his Albums. Keeping his music as honest as possible with timeless melodies and story lyrics creatively written. This site is about the music he has written and recorded over the years and his ongoing writing now. A good number of Kenny’s songs are previewed on this site and are available to buy here on CD or to download from iTunes.

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Kenny says for the last number of years I have mainly worked with my friends David Paton & Rab Howat and through their support and musical talent I have completed albums and songs that I am really proud of. These are heartfelt compositions written and performed because of my creative writing and some experiences in life. Over the years recording with David and Rab in Denia, Spain, Abbey Road 2, London and in my hometown of Edinburgh has been a real joy and the fulfillment of a life long ambition to write, play and sing songs, long may it continue”.

Song writing is almost a habit with me and I continue to enjoy writing, recording and performing my original music with real passion, for me the biggest thing is for the people who listen to my songs enjoy the words and tunes I have written, performed and recorded. Playing and singing everyday for me is a real joy and something I will do until I can’t do it anymore

Friendship “Without great Family & friends to turn to for help day to day or when times get hard you can end up being a lost soul in this complicated life. Helping, listening, understanding, caring and believing in people makes for an overall stronger, better and happier existence. The qualities needed to enhance every relationship are simple, putting them into practice is sometimes a wee bit harder, some manage to understand how friendship works and unfortunately some never do. You get one go on this planet, so never give up trying to help your friends. Be fair and considerate to your fellow man (sounds like a Davie P. song), live your dreams to the full for as long as you can as we are only in this world for a brief period, be a happy, caring person and enjoy your life with who you love, it only happens one time. The life I have with the love and devotion of my Beautiful wife Caroline have influenced me and given me the real inspiration to write the words and music for all my songs Kenny

Kenny Herbert ‘3 Bridges Queensferry ‘Crossing Promo 

These are songs I have recently written Listen on the player below, click the arrows to play these tracks.

‘3 Bridges – Queensferry Crossing’ available to download on iTunes.https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/3-bridges-queensferry-crossing/id1148374056?i=1148374104

‘It’s a wonderful life’ from the Album ‘Forever & Beyond’ which is available to download on iTunes and buy as a cd on this site. https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/forever-beyond/id1092971545

‘My Favourite Everything’ Available to download on iTunes. https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/my-favourite-everything/id1033587629?i=1033587631

Nobody but you Now available to buy on this site on CD or download on iTunes.

‘Love very much’ a ‘live’ take Now available to buy on this site on CD or download on iTunes.

‘Falling’ Now available to buy on this site on CD or download on iTunes.

My all time love’ Now available to download on iTunes

The videos below are Kenny performing Beatles Classics in a ‘Music of Lennon & McCartney’ show at The Royal Society during The Edinburgh Festival 2019, and supporting Benny Gallagher (Gallagher& Lyle) at The Edinburgh Festival 2014. Also recording in Abbey Road 2 and  “live” in the Highlands at at Fillans where the Beatles stayed in 1964.





This is a song I have written about two people meeting in The Cavern Club Liverpool back then as I did meeting my beautiful wife Caroline.

Available to download on all platforms including Spotify and i-Tunes




On stage in The Royal Society of Edinburgh Concert with Benny Gallagher


For further info please email: kenny@kennyherbertmusic.co.uk